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Sailing in the crystal-clear waters of Sitges is an unparalleled experience that redefines adventure, luxury, and serenity. At Sailing Trip Sitges, we take pride in offering a selection of nautical experiences designed to transform your perception of the sea and sailing. Each of our packages has been meticulously planned to ensure that every moment on board is memorable and unique.

4-Hour Pack: The perfect getaway

Our 4-Hour Pack offers an ideal introduction to the world of sailing. It is perfect for those seeking a brief but intense adventure, exploring the charming coves and clear waters of Sitges. Enjoy immersing yourself in the beauty of the surroundings, ideal for groups and intimate celebrations.

  • Personalised sailing: We adapt the route according to your preferences, ensuring a unique experience.
  • Onboard attentions: Enjoy and disconnect from the world while being carried away by the sea breeze.
  • Unforgettable moments: Perfect for groups, it is ideal for intimate celebrations or simply enjoying the sea.

Full Day Pack: Unlimited adventure

For sea enthusiasts who want a total immersion, the Full Day Pack provides a full day of exploration and relaxation. This package allows you to discover hidden corners of the coast, enjoy water activities, all while sailing in the serene waters of Sitges.

  • Unlimited exploration: With more time at sea, you have the opportunity to discover more destinations and hidden secrets of the coast.
  • Water activities: Add a dimension of adventure with activities such as snorkelling or paddle surfing in clear waters.

Golden Hour Pack: Magical sunsets

The Golden Hour Pack captures the magic of the sunset at sea, offering a romantic and photogenic experience. It is the ideal setting for toasting under the starry sky, perfect for couples or groups seeking a special moment of connection.

  • Magical moments: Experience the sunset from a unique perspective, with the horizon tinted with vibrant colours.
  • Sunset toast: Toast under the starry sky, adding a touch of glamour to your evening.
  • Intimacy and connection: Perfect for couples or groups seeking a moment of connection in a spectacular setting.

Tasting at sea: Fusion of flavours and landscapes

Our exclusive Tasting at Sea combines the tasting of select wines with the majesty of the maritime landscape of Sitges. This sensory journey includes a selection of wines accompanied by gourmet appetisers, providing insights into viticulture in an unrivalled setting.

  • Curated wine selection: Discover and taste a variety of carefully selected wines, perfectly paired with gourmet appetisers.
  • Enological knowledge: Learn about viticulture and oenology from experts, in an incomparable setting.
  • Stunning views: Enjoy this unique tasting while sailing the calm waters of Sitges, with panoramic views that enhance every sip.

Stag or hen parties: Unforgettable celebrations

Celebrate a stag or hen party aboard our sailboat, where the party is completely customised to your tastes, offering privacy, fun, and premium services. It is the perfect way to mark the beginning of a new stage in life with a spectacular backdrop.

  • Customised party: Adapt the music, decoration, and itinerary to your tastes, creating a tailored experience.
  • Premium services: From drinks and appetisers to entertainment options, everything is designed to ensure your group’s fun and comfort.
  • Memorable settings: The beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and the Sitges horizon offer the perfect backdrop for celebrating and creating lifelong memories.

Book your nautical adventure today

With options ranging from short getaways to full-day experiences and special celebrations, Sailing Trip Sitges is your destination for an exceptional maritime adventure. Given the high demand and limited space, we encourage you to book your experience as soon as possible to secure your place on this unique adventure.

Choose the package that will transform your visit to Sitges into an unforgettable memory. The sea awaits you with experiences that promise to be as vast and deep as itself!