Experience Cata at High Sea


Discover the thrilling “Experience Cata at High Sea” in Sitges, a charming destination on the Catalan coast. This unique experience offers you the opportunity to enjoy a boat ride with a skipper while tasting exquisite wines, guided by the expert sommelier Susana Parellada.

Susana Parellada, a journalist and sommelier specialized in wines from Vivero Beach Club Restaurant in Sitges, invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey where you can explore the direct influence that the marine environment has on wines. Her passion for this beverage and her surname, curiously the name of a grape variety, have naturally led her to share her vast knowledge with you.

During this 2 hour experience, you’ll enjoy a boat ride with a skipper who will ensure your journey is safe and pleasant. As you sail through the crystal clear waters of Sitges, you can savor a selection of carefully chosen wines. Susana Parellada will guide you through a tasting of a white, a rosé, a red, and a cava from the Garraf and Penedés area, allowing you to explore the different flavors and aromas that characterize these wines.

During the experience, you will have the opportunity to learn about winemaking, the grape varieties used in the area, and the tasting of each wine. In addition, Susana will share valuable tips on the choice of suitable glasses, the proper conservation of wines, and the ideal service temperature to fully appreciate their qualities.

The package price includes a highly skilled professional skipper, who will be at your service during the entire journey to ensure you enjoy every moment at sea to the fullest. Additionally, we take care of the fuel expenses, so you can focus on savoring the sea breeze and the breathtaking panoramic views without worrying about any additional costs. Furthermore, we handle the boat cleaning, creating a welcoming ambiance that will make you feel at home while you explore the wonders of the Costa Daurada. Our departures are exclusive and private, providing you with the opportunity to share this unique maritime adventure with your loved ones and closest friends. The group size must be a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 8, ensuring a comfortable and personalized experience at sea.

For more information and to book this unique experience, dive into this high sea adventure and let yourself be swept away by the passion and knowledge of Susana Parellada, a passionate sommelier and expert in the area’s wines. Don’t miss the opportunity to live a memorable experience on the beautiful coast of Sitges!

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Maridaje y Catas de Vinos en Sitges

Durante la experiencia, tendrás la oportunidad de aprender sobre la vinificación, las variedades de uva utilizadas en la zona y la cata de cada vino. Además, Susana compartirá valiosos consejos sobre la elección de las copas adecuadas, la correcta conservación de los vinos y la temperatura ideal de servicio para apreciar plenamente sus cualidades.

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